Arbeiten bei clavis IT ag

Our fundamental values and exciting projects make us an exceptional employer in eastern Switzerland


Corporate culture


We take the greatest pleasure in achieving joint goals for customers and providing solutions to complex business challenges. Fairness and dedication are crucial to this, and are the cornerstones of our corporate culture. We actively practice these two qualities. We always give 120% to our customers and cultivate friendships that extend beyond working life.


We promote an open and positive work environment, characterised by mutual respect and an optimistic forward-looking approach to work. "We do not think about problems but about challenges that can be solved."


We want to do a great job for our customers. We also place great importance on ensuring that our employees have a good work-life balance.

This is why we actively seek solutions to reconcile work and family life on a continuous basis. The following measures underscore our commitment to making a contribution to this important social issue:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Opportunity for part-time working
  • Home office option
  • Membership/assistance with childcare

In 2012, we were awarded the «AR PlusPlus» prize for innovative and family-friendly measures for our family friendly policies.

Employee development

Both the professional and personal development of each team member is crucial for the progress of the company as a whole. This is why we help our employees in planning their careers, and actively encourage them with coaching or external training courses.


In everyday business we ensure that employees work on interesting customer projects appropriate to their experience and qualifications. Goals and expectations as well as personal, methodological, and professional development are addressed and actively structured in regular one-to-one talks.

This is what our apprentices say


«Apprenticeships at clavis IT are exciting and varied»

I am doing an apprenticeship in computer science (specialising in application development) here at clavis IT. We currently have two apprentices in the team.


To start off with you learn the basics of computer science by carrying out small projects, which in each case you discuss together with your supervisor, which helps you to assimilate the basics of application development. At the same time, you are also involved in logistics, check orders, and are responsible for support for application errors, equipment failures and other "little things".


Later on in your training, you get the opportunity to work on different projects. Working in the business is very instructive and you can put the theory that you learned at school to practical use on the spot.


And you're never alone; at clavis IT we always work in a team. This means questions can be discussed, and if there are problems everyone helps each other. The supervisors encourage you to think and to take an active part in discussions. This makes me feel like a full member of the whole team, which I enjoy a lot.


Thanks to our training system, you get an insight into the different disciplines of computer science. At the moment I work mainly in application development in the Liferay area. My fellow apprentices are currently involved with projects in Notes, Liferay, Information Management, Kofax products etc. And this is also a good place to learn Java, HTML, CSS, etc.

«A lot of participation in projects»

I am currently in my 2nd year of training as an application developer at clavis IT in the web solutions team.


At the very beginning of the course, I was allowed to carry out small exercises in HTML and CSS. These two programming languages were ideal for providing an introduction to the whole environment, because the principle is relatively simple to understand. After that, I was allowed to take my first look at "Liferay" and work on the entire portal. Quite soon after this smaller, productive tasks came along such as styling for navigation of a website. Doing these tasks, I was able to apply and develop the knowledge I had acquired beforehand. Soon after this came larger assignments and I was able to contribute fully to projects. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and independently I was allowed to participate in projects. If there was something I didn't know how to do I could always ask the team for help, and they always gave me a hand. We also had a daily meeting at which you could bring up any problems, and then you could get in contact with someone who could help you with these.


Soon I was allowed to read in languages ​​like Javascript and FreeMarker, and again I was able to put what I had learned into practice right away.


At the moment I am just starting with Java, which is considerably more complicated than Javascript or FreeMarker, for instance. Even so, learning this sort of programming language is extremely exciting.


At school, at the same time as this, you first learn the basics of computer science step by step and also work with programming languages ​​such as C and Java. You will need this knowledge, too, when you are working.


I am currently apprenticed as a computer scientist specialising in systems engineering at clavis IT.


At first I was quite overwhelmed, I heard a lot of new terms and often had to ask or look up the meanings of  certain abbreviations or IT terms. By doing smaller jobs and watching the experienced system technicians, I then learnt bit by bit about the software that was used and also our infrastructure. 


With this knowledge, I was then assigned larger, non-critical projects where I could work relatively freely and increase my knowledge. I was able to learn a lot through working independently,  but when I needed to I could always ask others on the team.


As well as this, I am also often involved in the support side: firstly I resolve internal support cases myself if, for example, a developer loses access to the network; and secondly I assign support cases coming in from customers to the relevant developers so they can resolve them.


As a systems engineer, I am also jointly responsible for our hardware. I work on orders, take care of warranty issues and organise the hardware in such a way that if, for example, a new employee begins they can immediately use it.

Apprenticeship training


The integration and training of apprentices and trainees is a matter of course for us. It is important to allow the younger generation an ideal start to working life and to offer exciting prospects. Which is why we have been committed to training apprentices and constantly expanding our team with young, motivated recruits since 2004.


With a course to train as a computer application developer or system technician, we offer young people the chance to learn about a highly exciting job and accept a lot of responsibility. An apprenticeship at clavis IT is more than "only" learning the technical skills for a profession. In our view, vocational training is, above all, training for life.